Sex and Pregnancy

One thing that everyone eventually wonders about is sex during pregnancy. There are an awful lot of myths floating around about the topic. The truth is that sex during pregnancy is perfectly healthy and normal as long as you listen to and respect your body and your partner

Why Have Sex at All?

Sex during pregnancy can take a little getting used to for both partners. The woman’s body is different and so are her reactions and even her emotions. Many women have trouble feeling well or sexy enough for such activity. Despite this however, sex during pregnancy can help you and your partner to maintain a real emotional closeness. It can also be extremely physically rewarding. The body’s changes at this time can include an increase in vaginal lubrication and an increased engorgement that allows some women to become more orgasmic, even multiorgasmic. You will need to decide for yourself whether or not this is a time when you want to engage in sexual activity. In either case, communication is the key. As long as you continue to focus on the needs of all the parties involved, you will be able to increase your intimacy and connection together. 

When Not to Have Sex

In a few specific cases, your physician may tell you to refrain for your health or the child’s. These include the following:

  • A history of premature birth or labor
  • You have a condition called Placenta previa, where the placenta has formed over the opening to the cervix
  • Your water has broken
  • You are bleeding from the vaginal area
  • Either partner has an active STD

In each of these cases, sexual activity can present a health risk and should be avoided. They are, however, a rare set of circumstances. Most couples will not encounter them.

If you think you may be pregnant please check these signs of pregnancy.